30 ноември, 2018

MoveTab first birthday

Hooray, my tiny Firefox add-on recently turned 1 year old. Statistics show that it has about 20 daily users. Not bad for something that I have never promoted.

What does it do?
Well if you are a Firefox user using more than one window at a time, it helps you transfer a tab quickly from one window to another. For example you use one window for the current project you are working on, another window for personal stuff. But sometimes you open a new tab in the wrong window. And dragging the tab by hand is a painful procedure. So you just click the button.

Here is a link:

23 ноември, 2018

fog and boredom

Another flight
At least this is the last one for the next month or so.
So much fog, I cannot see the end of the wing. Over Belgrade we passed another plane in the opposite direction. Looked cool in the fog/clouds, it was close, but I saw mostly blinking lights.

Actually the fog began around Vienna. We landed there "automatically" or so the pilot said. He insisted very strongly that we turn off every electronic device. Haven't heard this before.
I'm on a window seat for the first time in a long time. But cannot see anything. At least it is the exit row and I'm alone on the seats.

The stupid mobile browser ditched my carefully prepared open tabs with articles to read. So the only entertainment I have is to look at the map and write this. (At the window seat the GPS is actually working and you cam track your location)
Stupid software. I really need to search for mobile browser that has offline cache.
Looked at the map again. We are over Nis. My ears are popping for the fourth time today. Guess flying gets more annoying with age. 20 minutes left and I'm babbling here out of boredom. Stream of consciousness post over.

11 март, 2012

Fallout 2

Днес, лето господне 2012, повече от 10 години след като за пръв път я видях и влюбих - превъртях любимата си игра - Fallout 2.
(За първи път я завършвам)


Finally, time to move on :)