15 ноември, 2023

Some Sidebery customizations

Another short post. Recently the Sidebery Firefox add-on had a major new version and it broke some of my customizations.

So I had to sit down to find how to do them in the new version. Here there are, both are css that is added in the add-on settings - Style Editor.

  1. Hide the new tab button at the bottom of the list
    .TabsPanel .new-tab-btns { display: none; }
  2. Hide close X button on the tabs
    .Tab .close { display:none; }

29 септември, 2022

Scale the interface on Viber on Windows

So this is not something I came up with, just an endorsement of Spiros's work.

Basically I was looking for a way to make Viber's fonts bigger on my new Windows laptop. There are no settings whatsoever in the app itself.
I googled a bit and found this git repo with a batch file.
When you start Viber with the file, it scales it an arbitrary amount - set in the file.

And here is the repo itself > scale-viber <

08 април, 2019

Accessing the EdgeRouter WEB UI through SSH

This is a simple and easy hack, but one I couldn't find when I searched for it.
So you want to access the WEB UI and you are not in your home network. But you have enabled the SSH access from the internet.

I assume the following:
  • You have an EdgeRouter
  • You have SSH access from the Internet to the router (Check this if you don't know how)
  • The WEB UI is currently only accessible from the behind NAT on https:
With a command line ssh client you can run:
 ssh -L 9000: user@example.com

 The equivalent in PuTTY is in Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels page.
  • Source port - 9000
  • Destination -
  • Don't change anything else, radio buttons should be on Local and Auto.
  • Click the Add button
  • Open the connection
After the connection is opened successfully, open https://localhost:9000 in your browser and accept the security warning.

That's it.